Watain "All That May Bleed" (lyric video)

Watain 'All That May Bleed' (lyric video)
Gearing up for the summer release of The Wild Hunt, Satanic Swedish black metal band Watain have let loose a gory lyric video for the LP's "All That May Bleed."

The visuals are scant but gruesome, panning back and forth across a pile of animal skulls. Sonically, the song is a virulent mix of moody metal guitar leads, chaotic double-kick rhythms, and Erik Danielsson's shrill screams about a good old-fashioned blood feast. Just to spice things up, he tosses in a line about sprinkling "the salt of Satan in the wounds of Christ."

You can catch the ominous experience down below.

While The Wild Hunt hits stores August 19 through Century Media, "All That May Bleed" is currently available as a digital download and on a limited-edition 7-inch.