Toronto's Orbit Room Launches Reopening Fundraiser

Toronto's Orbit Room Launches Reopening Fundraiser
Last summer, Toronto's Orbit Room — a space co-founded by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson known for hosting live performances each night of the week — shuttered its doors permanently as a result of the financial strain caused by pandemic restrictions.

Now, owner Tim Notter has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with costs associated with a potential reopening plan and existing debts.

Notter writes:

I am the sole owner of the Orbit Room and have been for more than 10 years. For 23 of the 25 years we were open, we had a live band play every night of the year. We prided ourselves with running a club where the bands were treated with respect and got paid well for their talent and efforts.

For the Orbit to move forward in a new location or a concert setting and have those hundreds of musicians work for me again, when the time is right, some old business needs to be taken care of. It is because of this situation I find myself in that I, with all humility, am asking for your help to reach and perhaps exceed my stated goal.

Without qualifying for the financial aid typically being afforded to small businesses amid the ongoing pandemic, Notter explains that mounting debts have presented acute hardships.

Thankfully, the community has already rallied to donate close to $20,000 to help save the West End club formerly located at 580 College St. You can donate further funds via the Orbit Room's GoFundMe here.

Since lockdowns began about a year ago, Toronto has lost several venues to economic instability, including Kensington's Round Venue and the Boat, as well as the Mod Club, the Beaverthe Hideout, and more.