Thundercat and Ace Hashimoto Team Up on "VAPORWAVES"

Thundercat and Ace Hashimoto Team Up on 'VAPORWAVES'
Thundercat — who can now count himself as a Grammy winner — has teamed up with Tokyo-based, Chicago-raised producer/rapper Ace Hashimoto on his new song "VAPORWAVES." Right now, it is available to stream on YouTube for a limited time before it becomes a Patreon exclusive.

While Hashimoto gears up for the release of his debut album, the pair have shared a teaser of what's to come with their new joint single, which the producer explains is "about an existential crisis."

He continued: "I believe it was that concept that led me to feeling free enough to do things I've always wanted to do, while also being even more grateful for the things I CAN do. Basically, be aware of your own mortality. Remember, we're all just human. And tell the people you care about, 'I'm happy to have you in my life.'"

Stay tuned for more information about Hashimoto's forthcoming album, and before the track heads to Patreon exclusively, listen to "VAPORWAVES" below.