Steel Panther "The Stocking Song"

Steel Panther 'The Stocking Song'
"Santa Baby" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" not naughty enough for you anymore? Well, heavy metal parodists Steel Panther are hitting us this holiday season with a double entendre-waving carol called "The Stocking Song" that seems more like the kind of thing you'd toss on a Serge Gainsbourg playlist than under the Christmas Tree.

Instead of Sunset Strip-styled soloing, the hair metal holiday number plays more like a Mr. Big ballad, with bongo beats and gentle strums supporting early lines about ladies loving to suck on candy canes. Having already set the bar low, Steel Panther keeps the ball rolling with rank eggnog gags, and the inevitable chorus explaining how to best stuff a sexy stocking.

If you like your humour bawdy at the holidays, it looks like Christmas came early.