Spencer Krug's "Pin a Wing Above the Door" Is a Song of Loving Reflection

Hear the final track from forthcoming LP 'Fading Graffiti' now
Spencer Krug's 'Pin a Wing Above the Door' Is a Song of Loving Reflection
Just over a week out from releasing his first album under his own name, Spencer Krug has shared the closing track from the forthcoming Fading Graffiti.

"Pin a Wing Above the Door," which follows the album's previously shared title track, finds Krug expressing to a partner, "I had a good time just hanging around the house with you all month," before recalling times of "actual peace...actual love."

Among the memories are "a bathtub and a laptop showing shows we've both seen," "getting high and painting watercolours for each other" and "crying to the radio while driving to the lake."

Krug adds in sharing the track on YouTube, "It's my mom's birthday today and this is one of her new favs, so, HBD mom!!!"

As previously reported, Fading Graffiti arrives April 16 as the first release on Krug's own label, Pronounced Kroog. He and his Wolf Parade bandmates released Thin Mind in early 2020.