Bernice's Robin Dann Curates Soundstreams' Quiet Time Experience

The event will also feature fellow Canadian composers Allison Cameron and Matthew Pencer
Bernice's Robin Dann Curates Soundstreams' Quiet Time Experience
Photo: [Claire Harvie]
Toronto-based musician Robin Dann — leader of Polaris-nominated outfit Bernice — has collaborated with Soundstreams to curate an immersive audio-visual experience that will calm, soothe and inspire. Titled Quiet Time, the work will showcase new material from Dann, Allison Cameron and Matthew Pencer, while also highlighting the golden sound of silence.

The hour-long performance will feature the trio of composers alongside visuals from Renee Lear, covering repertoire that includes Cameron's "Transpolar Drift" and the premiere of Pencer and Dann's new work "Wanny's Song."

Dann is the 2020/2021 curator of Soundstreams' New Voices series, and Quiet Time marks her programming debut.

The artist said in a statement:

Quiet Time is an exploration of mindfulness in solitude. This is reflected in the quiet, introspective composition and experimentation with solo voices, but also as a uniquely solitary listening experience as well. We're inviting folks to tune in via headphones and to be alone in their experience of the music as opposed to in a public, group setting. I think that's part of what makes this program special — how we've used the limitations of a digital-only, COVID-safe recording structure and turned that into an essential part of the piece. The arts are a reflection of the world around us and can also offer solace and relief from that world. Curation of the Quiet Time experience was inspired by how sounds can feel endless, shapeless, and always changing.

Led by founding artistic director Lawrence Cherney, Soundstreams is committed to strengthening public engagement with new Canadian music in their facilitation of innovative experiences.

"Dann's capacity to draw upon the silences between the notes lends her work such a specific and intriguing feel," said Cherney. "Her curation of Quiet Time — and use of sound clips from the Arctic — is such a beautiful homage to the silence and majesty of frozen spaces and an alluring finale to this year's Soundstreams programming."

Ever-busy, Dann was recently announced as the lone collaborator on Charles Spearin's (Broken Social Scene/Do Make Say Think) forthcoming solo album, My City of Starlings. Her latest album with Bernice was this year's Eau de Bonjourno.

Admission for Soundstreams' presentation of Quiet Time is donate-what-you-can, with tickets available (for $5 to $25 each) here.

The world premiere of Quiet Time will take place online on August 19 at 9 p.m. ET. Visit Soundstreams' website for more information.