Shigeto Shigeto

Shigeto Shigeto
In the two years since Detroit's Shigeto (Zach Saginaw) released his stellar LP, The New Monday, an EP or two has drifted our way. His latest release, four-track EP Shigeto, seeks to put a hold on his musical exploration and focus on club-ready beats underpinned by the influence of hip-hop and jazz composition.
Opener "Jetsettin" stands prominently at the forefront, displaying Saginaw's signature deft drumming and breaks, with strings and keys rounding out the warm, jazz-laced track.
Further into the EP however, Shigeto loses much of its soul, as it attempts to settle into dance floor bangers with abstractly crafted ideas — a 4/4 beat does not a club track make. Although "Alley Oop" plays with astral synths and gritty bass to offset, others, like "Pusher" and "New Course," move significantly from previous influences and fall flat pursuing their own sound.
Though a decent concept, the pause on the evolution of his tailored sound just doesn't pay off. (Ghostly International)