Shad Treats His "Out of Touch" to a New Video

Shad Treats His 'Out of Touch' to a New Video
Shad recently returned with his new single "Out of Touch," and now he's made the logical move of giving the song its own video.

The Toronto-based rapper rolled out his latest clip today, with Justin Broadbent directing the video.

Of the clip, Shad explained the following: "I wanted to make something energetic for this song that ideally also reflected the idea of fragmentation that's central to the lyrics and the choppy (fragmented) style of the beat too. Justin, as he always does, captured something honest that reminded me of the simple joy of music and performance."

Broadbent added: "This video concept was born out of the unique sound of the track. I wanted to make something fragmented, alive, honest and colourful. Almost every background shot in the video came out of spontaneous moments while wandering the city. In the foreground, Shad's performance is an energetic, classic, lo-fi performance video."

Watch the "Out of Touch" video for yourself below.

As previously reported, "Out of Touch" marks our first taste of new Shad material set to be released in 2021 via Secret City Records.