Sarah Neufeld "We've Got a Lot" (video)

Sarah Neufeld 'We've Got a Lot' (video)
While Sarah Neufeld appears in the new video for her The Ridge single "We've Got a Lot," she's not exactly the focal point of the short film. Featuring a youthful display of pier-jumping adventures, peacocks, jeep rides and a whole lot more, the video for the violin-bowed indie pop piece is streaming now.

Directed by Jason Last, the video showcases a day in the life of a group of Miami teens. It hops from early a.m. scenes of them blow drying their hair, to close-ups of them launching themselves into the ocean, to shots of them taking their "Jeeper Creeper" to parties, band practices and more.

Neufeld appears as well, whether taking a dip or pulling off choreographed moves by a South Beach boardwalk.

You can soak in all the fun via the player below.

You can read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Neufeld about the making of The Ridge over here.