This Ska Cover of PUP's "Morbid Stuff" Rips

Courtesy of renowned YouTuber Ska Tune Network
This Ska Cover of PUP's 'Morbid Stuff' Rips
Fun fact: from 2004 to 2009, PUP's Stefan Babcock was the lead vocalist of Toronto ska troupe Stop Drop N Skank. So it's fitting that the greatest cover version of "Morbid Stuff," the title track to PUP's 2019 record, is this ska rendition by YouTuber Ska Tune Network. (Second-best is the orchestral version from the intro to PUP's official "Morbid Stuff" music video.)

For nearly four years, the YouTube channel has featured Jeremy Hunter, Ska Tune Network's skanker-in-chief, performing original ska arrangements of pop and rock songs (and the occasional non-ska cover of a ska song). Hunter plays all instruments, including guitar, vocals, trumpet, trombone and saxophone, and the videos typically find Hunter dancing and singing along in their room, instruments in tow.

The "Morbid Stuff" video is no different, with Hunter's horns taking on PUP's massive riffs while adding a few of their own, along with slowing things down for some reggae vibes during the bridge. Watch and listen below.

Last month, PUP released the This Place Sucks Ass EP. Other recent Ska Tune Network covers include "Mr. Brightside," a non-ska cover of Goldfinger's "Superman" and Owl City's "Fireflies."