Planet Smashers Ten: 1994-2004

Ska-punk is thankfully dead and gone, its remnants only exist now as the mindless bottom-feeders of punk music. Montreallers the Planet Smashers have managed to avoid the "ska/punk" kiss of death, staying strong for ten whole years throughout various ska fads. The DVD Ten: 1994-2004 helps illustrate why the band has stayed successful while most of its colleagues have fallen. Besides packing in their infamously hilarious music videos and plenty of live footage, there are also a slew of episodes of the adorable Japanese cartoon Catman, which uses the Planet Smashers as its soundtrack. It's great to finally have video gems like "Super Orgy Porno Party," "Surfin' in Tofino" and "Too Much Attitude," all on one disk. And don't miss the bad sound and even worse plaid shorts in the very early live video of "My Love." (Stomp/Union,