Osees Are Already Releasing Another New Record Called 'Metamorphosed'

Hear the effort's newly shared track "Electric War"
Osees Are Already Releasing Another New Record Called 'Metamorphosed'
Today is release day for John Dwyer's Osees, who put out their Protean Threat album. But already, the band once known as Thee Oh Sees/OCS/Oh Sees have announced another new one.

The record is called Metamorphosed, and it arrives October 16 via Rock Is Hell. Right now, though, you can hear its "Electric War" down below.

Metamorphosed was made during the same sessions as 2019's Face Stabber LP, and the band's latest is only made up of five tracks. However, the one called "I Got a Lot" is 23 minutes long, so there's still a chunk of material to dig into here.

In a press release, which was written by Henry Rollins, Dwyer explained: "Basically I found myself with a 12-inches worth of material in the new year, and things were starting to grind to a halt, so it was the perfect time to sew it all up. People need some tunes right now and I think the artists community is making a good run of it. So much great shit is seeing light right now."

Metamorphosed is coming out in multiple variants, though the release has largely sold out already.


1. Saignant
2. Electric War
3. Weird And Wasted Connection
4. The Virologist
5. I Got A Lot

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