MxPx The Ever Passing Moment

MXPX has put forth 15 more inspiring pop punk songs of fury, fun and love. This long overdue release has not retired the original "Going the Way of the Buffalo" sound. The Ever Passing Moment still captures true MXPX pop, filled with the catchy melodic hooks, and has unexpected new listens like "Misplaced Memories," which has a modern, Living End rockabilly feel. The only irritating part is the opening track's quirky likeness to Social Distortion's "Story of my Life." Ironically, MXPX's sound-alike is titled "My Life Story." Most songs are about relationships and heartbreak, but emo has done the same thing and captured the hardcore kids. What counts most is these three create music from the heart. Their religious views may not be embraced by all, but at least they have the balls to sing about it. This release does not dwell on religious overtones; in fact, it's only in one song and not done in judgmental gripes. MXPX are not hear to preach, judge or fight, they just want to rock you out. (A&M)