Mudhoney Now Have a Massive Tunnel-Boring Machine Named After Them

But it also could have been called Sir Digs-a-lot
Mudhoney Now Have a Massive Tunnel-Boring Machine Named After Them
While boring isn't typically used as a compliment, that's not the case with Mudhoney, who have just had a tunnel-boring machine in Seattle named in their honour.

The name of the Seattle grunge heroes has been chosen for the new machine following an online vote by Seattle's Ship Canal Water Quality Project. The name MudHoney was given to the massive tunnel maker, with the name emerging as the winner by long shot with 76 percent of the votes.

While MudHoney got 26,119 votes, the runner-up, Sir Digs-a-lot, got only 6,066. Other names included Molly the Mole, Daphne and Boris the Plunger.

Seattle Public Utilities wrote of the tunnel-boring machine that it "loves mud and is pretty sweet." But it's also worth pointing out that the tunnel the machine will ultimately make — which will be 19 feet in diameter and 2.7 miles long — will store sewage and polluted stormwater.

"Since the late '80s, Mudhoney, the Seattle-based foursome whose muck-crusted version of rock, shot through with caustic wit and battened down by a ferocious low end, has taken a stand against overflows into our waterways," Seattle Public Utilities wrote in a statement.

Down below, you can watch a video of the group unveiling the massive machine.


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