Montreal's Klaus Premiere New Single "Fever"

Montreal's Klaus Premiere New Single 'Fever'
Montreal art-rock supergroup Klaus are back with their latest single "Fever," and you can hear what the band have to offer now.

Featuring members of Patrick Watson, Karkwa and Galaxie, Klaus are gearing up to release their self-titled debut album, and "Fever" now gives you an idea what to expect. And from hearing the song, it's no surprise that the electronic-geared group draw on influences as diverse as Krautrock, Afrobeat and David Bowie's Berlin trilogy with Brian Eno.

In a statement, Klaus singer/guitarist Joe Grass had this to say about the new song:

"Fever" is about always moving and never actually arriving. In the moment you think you've arrived somewhere in your life, the relationship to your surroundings change. It also explores how virtues are closely linked to their animal behaviour. Upholding and defending a principle can be linked to dominance and violence. Love and relationships linked to desire and raw sexuality. Each virtue has a mirror that can be its destructive force. It's also a kind of party tune about how following our dreams and desire can sometimes misguide us completely, and land us somewhere completely unexpected. 

Hear "Fever" for yourself below, where you'll also find the upcoming tour dates from Klaus.

The band's self-titled album arrives on September 7 via Simone Records.

Tour dates:

08/30 Rouyn-Noranda, QC- FME
09/02 Montreal, QC - Mile Ex End