Mercury Rev Want Fan Designed Posters

Mercury Rev Want Fan Designed Posters
As Mercury Rev get set to release their new studio album Snowflake Midnight, the New York pop experimentalists are holding a little contest. Via their MySpace page, the band are asking for fans to design posters to represent the upcoming record, which is due on September 30, and send them along. The group plan to then choose a winner, and his or her work will be distributed to anyone who pre-orders a CD or LP through Yep Roc, Mercury Rev’s new home.

Sound intriguing? Here are all the details via the horse’s mouth:

Break out your favourite graphic design program: Yep Roc Records and Mercury Rev want you to design a poster for the band! The poster will be printed and distributed to everyone who pre-orders the CD or LP version of Snowflake Midnight, the latest album from Mercury Rev to be released 9/30, from the Yep Roc Web Shop.

To submit your designs, just reply to this blog post on Mercury Rev’s MySpace page with the image embedded in the comment or with a link to where the image can be viewed.

**Note: Please submit 5-inch x 5-inch minimum, 72 dpi, rgb jpgs for proofing.**

The winner, chosen by the band, will win the glory of having their work printed and distributed to people across the United States!

Contest ends 8/18.

And just to clarify, anyone can enter this contest, even Canadians, and all international pre-orders will come packed with the free poster as well (or at least that’s what Mercury Rev said). However, it does seem Snowflake Midnight’s MP3-only companion Strange Attractor will indeed come minus a custom poster.

Mercury Rev - "Chasing a Bee”