Lone Not Seeing Is a Flower

Lone Not Seeing Is a Flower
A few months after releasing Abraxas, Lone is back with Not Seeing Is a Flower, another EP that distills Matt Cutler's cerebral vision of dance music.
"Glyphic" and "Not Seeing Is a Flower" are both declinations on classic house beats. The producer's personality shines through his blend of exotic and synthetic tones, as colourful and nostalgic as ever, but a little crisper this time around. Foregoing the wobbly lo-fi aesthetic of his early records, Cutler offers some of his most highly defined material to date.
The upbeat rhythms of the two lead tracks are undercut by the atmospheric "Boketto," a throwback to Lone's breakbeat beginnings. Punctuated by meditation instructions, it comes across as a cheeky palette cleanser, and callback to Lemurian's maze of trip-hop beats and interludes.
Some Eastern undertones that run through the album refer back to its title. A Japanese saying, Not Seeing Is a Flower suggests that reality can't compete with imagination, so it's better to let go of expectations. From a perfectionist like Lone, it speaks volumes. Why overthink electronic music when it can be this visceral? (Independent)