Laser Night Driver

Laser Night Driver
If you need an album to take you somewhere, Night Driver can transport you.
Toronto's Laser is fronted by former Broken Social Scene vocalist Lisa Lobsinger, and is joined by Paul Pfisterer of the Beauties and Martin Davis Kinack of Transistor Sound and Lighting Co. The name of the band's debut album was inspired by the long late-night drives from Lobsinger and Pfisterer's city home to Kinack's studio in the forest. The overall album has a pensive tone, with songs like "Bleed You" and single "Disconnect."
"Leaving It Too Late," the first song the trio released, encapsulates the album's sound; Lobsinger's dreamy and ethereal vocals, mixed with the dance-y drums and smooth synths, make this album a great musical companion for a drive. It wouldn't do Laser justice to compare it to any of the bands the members come from; Laser's popping guitar riffs, warm vocals and the spacious mix are something completely different than any of the musicians' other work.
At times, the album sounds a maybe little too polished, but the energy and stereo movement in songs like "Do We All Feel It" and "Disco Night Driver" sound like they would translate better live than in studio, anyway. Overwhelmingly, Night Driver is a success. (Foreseen Entertainment)