Lana Del Rey Says She Wants to "Revenge" on Her Critics with New Album 'Rock Candy Sweet'

Lana Del Rey Says She Wants to 'Revenge' on Her Critics with New Album 'Rock Candy Sweet'
Lana Del Rey has announced her follow-up to brand new Chemtrails over the Country Club — a new album titled Rock Candy Sweet, which will arrive on June 1. In announcing the record, the artist has vowed to get "revenge" against those who criticized her for her recent transgressions, including her history of cultural appropriation and "glamorizing abuse."

In a recent Instagram story, Del Rey shared a screenshot of a Harper's Bazar article titled "Lana Del Rey Can't Qualify Her Way Out Of Being Held Accountable," and wrote the following:

"Just want to say thank you again for the kind articles like this one and for reminding me that my career was built on cultural appropriation and glamorizing domestic abuse. I will continue to challenge those thoughts on my next record June 1 titled Rock Candy Sweet."

The Harper's Bazar article argued that Del Rey was curiously quick to defend Chemtrails against perceived claims of racial exclusion back in January, when she tried to prove she wasn't racist by making sure everyone knew she wasn't involved in the Capitol riots and that she did, in fact, have non-white friends and that her "boyfriends have been rappers."

The article read: "The defensive note was unnecessary, as nobody had significantly criticized Del Rey for 'including' people of color in her upcoming album and her need to disassociate herself from the Nazi-led riot on Capitol Hill was also curious given Del Rey's long-term public opposition to former President Donald Trump."

In another IG story, Del Rey screenshotted the above excerpt and responded: "You're right it would have been unnecessary if no one had significantly criticized everything about the album to begin with. But you did. And I want revenge."

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