Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds Philosophy and Underwear

Kid Congo Powers is both a veteran of and legend in the underground scene, thanks to a career now stretching for more than 25 years. As guitarist in versions of the Cramps, the Gun Club and Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds, he graced many of their best records. In his own projects Congo Norvell and Kid & Khan, he honed his own songwriting chops, and this debut release from the Pink Monkey Birds is one highly entertaining outing. The Kid and fellow axe-man Jack Martin crank out a primal and dirty guitar sound (fittingly, this was recorded at Junkyard Audio Salvage in Brooklyn), and there’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek quality to both Congo’s vocal delivery and lyrics. One favourite example: "Even though your leather is cliché, I like what it has to say anyway.” Sheer poetry! The manic epic "The Weather the War” features a guest duet vocal from Little Annie, and is an album highlight. Some cuts evoke the twisted punk funk of James White, while others are reminiscent of Alex Chilton. A trashy treat. (New York Night Train)