Kathryn Calder Returns with 'Bright and Vivid,' Premieres New Track

Kathryn Calder Returns with 'Bright and Vivid,' Premieres New Track
While back in April Kathryn Calder dropped hints that she was putting the finishing touches on her new solo album, the follow-up to 2010's acclaimed and deeply personal Are You My Mother?, the BC indie pop singer didn't reveal when exactly she'd be delivering her new album. Now, a few months down the road, she's dished all the new record's details.

While Calder first caught people's notice in the Immaculate Machine and later in the New Pornographers, the new disc, titled Bright and Vivid, is said to scrub any pre-conceived notions due to her tenure with either act.

Sonically, the album apparently sounds massive, "with layers upon layers of different shades of sound that continues to unfold with each listen," says the press release. Calder is not only accompanied on the disc by her newly christened backup band (Lane Arndt, Stefan Bozenick and Marek Tyler) but also by a number of notable guests, including Superchunk/Mountain Goats member Jon Wurster, Canadian jazz/electronic experimentalist Jesse Zubot and Ford Pier, among others.

Though songs like "Who Are You?," which can be downloaded and/or streamed below, are full of pop hooks, Bright and Vivid is primed as a remarkably complex release that keeps listeners intrigued.

"I didn't want to give those songs away too easily," Calder said in a statement. "I wanted people to wonder what was coming next, where the song was going."

Bright and Vivid comes out October 25 on File Under: Music. While she has no Canadian dates lined up just yet, she will be heading out to Europe next month. Check those dates here.

Bright and Vivid:

1. "One, Two, Three"

2. "Who Are You?"

3. "Turn A Light On"

4. "Walking In My Sleep"

5. "All The Things"

6. "Right Book"

7. "New Frame Of Mind"

8. "City Of Sounds"

9. "Five More Years"

10. "Younger Than We've Ever Been"

Kathryn Calder - Who Are You? by killbeat music