Kathryn Calder "Song in C Minor" (live in-studio)

Kathryn Calder 'Song in C Minor' (live in-studio)
The New Pornographers have an album on the way, but that isn't stopping singer-keyboardist Kathryn Calder from lining up a record of her own. Now, one of her new songs has emerged in live form.

Calder performed "Song in C Minor" on Victoria, BC's The Zone @ 91-3. It's a quietly pretty folk ditty built around acoustic plucking and Calder's sweetly lilting voice.

File Under: Music noted that this song will be on her upcoming third solo album. There's no word as to when said album will be released.

Calder told V.I.C. Fest, "These days I'm mostly exploring sounds, as nerdy as that sounds. This new record, I'm recording it at home with my husband [Colin Stewart], and it has a lot of songs that just started out as bubbly, synth-y sounds, rather than words or chords on a guitar. I'll scroll through and find something that sounds really cool and just play around and improvise, going with whatever feels good and then crafting it down from there into more concise parts and melodies. It's been a really neat way to make a record."