John Dwyer's Bent Arcana Return with New Album 'Moon Drenched'

Listen to the supergroup's single "The War Clock"
John Dwyer's Bent Arcana Return with New Album 'Moon Drenched'
Last year, Osees' John Dwyer announced the formation of his new supergroup Bent Arcana. In 2020, they released their self-titled debut album, and now, the group have announced plans for their sophomore effort titled Moon Drenched, which will arrive through Castle Face on May 28.

The seven-track improvisational release has been described as follows in a statement:

The more rhythmically dialled bits here have a lysergic halo of strangeness to them, and the wispy bits between are spun from an iridescent gossamer. It sounds like a frizzled message from a future just filthy with guitar hoots echoing of neon splattered high rises, oil-slicked waterways and skittering digital beasts.

For my money this is the strangest 12" slice of this last bunch of improvisations: the left turns more vertiginous, the flickering embers of repetition and recognition fly farther apart, as a steady procession of ever stranger wildlife circles the stereo space, nosing in to peek on what's cooking.

Bent Arcana are formed by Dwyer, TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone, drummer/percussionist/vocalist Ryan Sawyer, bassist Peter Kerlin, saxophonists Joce Soubiran and Brad Caulkins, keyboardist Tom Dolas, guitarist Marcos Rodriguez, violinist Laena "Geronimo" Myers-Ionita, and percussionist Andres Renteria.

Today, the band have shared their new 12-minute lead single "The War Clock." Listen to that below, where you can also see the record's full tracklisting.