Jessy Lanza Details New Album 'All the Time'

Watch a video for the record's newly shared "Face"
Jessy Lanza Details New Album 'All the Time'
After teasing the arrival of her third album last year, Jessy Lanza has detailed the effort. The Hamilton native will release All the Time on July 24 through Hyperdub.

Ten tracks in length, All the Time features the previously shared "Lick in Heaven" and the freshly-shared "Face," which arrives today alongside a video helmed by Winston Case.

In a press release, Lanza explained that the inspiration for "Face" was found in people-watching on the New York subway. After writing lyrics, she would then send vocals, drum and bass patterns to longtime collaborator Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys for additional production.

"I found myself projecting my own feelings onto the strangers I was looking at," Lanza recalled of her lyric writing. "I went home and wrote the lyrics imagining that the commuters were having telepathic conversations with each other. The questions I imagined them asking each other oscillated from sexual to confrontational: 'Baby is it just enough? Tell me do you want it all? Baby are you feeling tough? Feeling tougher more than not?'"

Back in March, Lanza had been in the midst of a European tour before coronavirus derailed those plans. A cross-country trip with Case to quarantine with family on the West Coast led to the creation of the video for "Face."

"Our apartment lease was up and we couldn't rent another place because of quarantine restrictions," Lanza explained in a press release. "We packed what we could into my van and drove to San Francisco to stay with family. We really wanted to make a video for 'Face' so we used our immediate surroundings and a couple of lights Winston managed to fit in the van."

The video pulls together footage of their immediate surroundings, while sister and mother helped out by running flashlights shining through coloured gauzes for further effects.

Watch the video for "Face" below.

All the Time follows Lanza's Oh No, an album that was both shortlisted for the 2016 Polaris Music Prize and was one of Exclaim!'s Top 10 Dance & Electronic albums of 2016.

That same year, Lanza released companion remix EP Oh No No Nowhich featured reworks from Morgan Geist, DVA [Hi:Emotions], and DJ Taye and DJ Spinn.

All the Time:

1. Anyone Around
2. Lick in Heaven
3. Face
4. Badly
5. Alexander
6. Ice Creamy
7. Like Fire
8. Baby Love
9. Over and Over
10. All The Time