Hatebreed Are Releasing a New Album in November

Hatebreed Are Releasing a New Album in November
No matter what happens with the American election and the ongoing pandemic, it's safe to say that people are going to be very pissed off about everything this November. Fortunately, they'll have a new Hatebreed album to help them exorcize their rage.

The band has prepped a new LP with the truly epic title Weight of the False Self, and it's scheduled for release on November 27 via Nuclear Blast.

The album was recorded with Chris "Zuess" Harris last year, and its first single is expected to drop tomorrow (September 11).

Until then, its incredibly intense artwork and no-less severe tracklisting are available now.

Weight of the False Self:

01. Instinctive (Slaughterlust)
02. Let Them All Rot
03. Set It Right (Start with Yourself)
04. Weight of the False Self
05. Cling to Life
06. A Stroke of Red
07. Dig Your Way Out
08. This I Earned
09. Wings of the Vulture
10. The Herd Will Scatter
11. From Gold to Gray
12. Invoking Dominance