Goodwood Atoms Victoria Event Centre, Victoria BC, September 15

Goodwood Atoms  Victoria Event Centre, Victoria BC, September 15
Photo: Lindsey Blane
Goodwood Atoms followed Judah after about 45 minutes of feedback that kept them from starting their set. When they finally were able to play for the patient crowd, it took them a while to find their footing. With two vocalists, a rag-tag hipster stage presence, and zero stage lighting, it wasn't quite clear what Goodwood Atoms were going for.
While they began somewhat anaemically (it was better when the bass player didn't sing — sorry guys), by the third song, the crowd began to dance and get into their blend of Cave Singers aesthetics and Robin Pecknold-esque crooning. While not particularly original or polished in their sound, lead singer Francis Hooper was a charismatic and captivating bandleader. There were intriguing, reverb-drenched guitar leads and intricate bass lines here and there — what you'd expect from Vancouver indie-rock. 
What lacked in Goodwood Atoms set was a sense of harmony — it was hard to believe that drummer Justin Banmann graduated from Berklee, as he seemed always a bit behind his bandmates, if only subtly. The set was wanting in terms equal energetic commitment and cohesiveness from all the members, and yet, the troupe have only had a couple of years in to their project together; perhaps it's still just early days for the Goodwoods.