Golden Dogs Everything in 3 Parts

The Golden Dogs have been busy making a name for themselves in the Toronto scene for the past couple of years, slowly gaining recognition through strong word of mouth based on their kinetic live shows and last year’s excellent self-titled EP. The recently released full-length Everything in 3 Parts finds the band skilfully working their way through an impressive diversity of styles; channelling the likes of the now defunct Transistor Sound & Lighting Co. on "Birdsong,” the Super Friendz on "Faster,” the gentler side of Blue Rodeo on "I Don’t Sleep,” Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci on "Balloons” and even Luther Wright on what is arguably the record’s best track, "Anniversary Waltz.” The band’s ability to take great aspects from such a wide variety of artists and combine them into songs so consistently creative and absorbing is the key to this album’s success. Though certainly not perfect, the remarkable skill evident with Everything in 3 Parts makes the Golden Dogs a promising part of the Toronto scene that can’t possibly remain solely a local treasure for much longer. (Independent)