Golden Dogs Big Eye Little Eye

Deservedly well-known for their celebratory live shows, Toronto’s Golden Dogs somehow manage to capture the energy of those sweat-soaked performances on their second full-length effort, Big Eye Little Eye. Much like its predecessor, 2004’s Everything in 3 Parts, it’s an infectiously eclectic pop gem, bursting at the seams with catchy tunes to spare. Expect to experience frustration by attempting to sit still during the bouncy electro pop of "Never Meant Any Harm,” the Sloan-esque cover of Wings’ "1985,” or the high-energy stomp of album opener "Dynamo.” Elsewhere, the band’s lively pop favourably recalls the New Pornographers, particularly on "Run Outta Luck” and the horn-inflected album highlight "Force of Nature,” both of which showcase the band’s inherent songwriting smarts and soaring boy/girl harmonies to generally thrilling effect. (True North)