Exclaim!'s Best of 2013: Top 10 Canadian Music Videos

Exclaim!'s Best of 2013: Top 10 Canadian Music Videos
It was an unusually good year for music videos, meaning that jurors for the newly-founded Prism Prize will have their work cut out for them selecting a winner. Amidst the wealth of audio-visual riches this year, we've assembled 10 videos that moved us the most.

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Top 10 Canadian Music Videos of 2013:

10. Jeremy Fisher
"Built to Last"
(Directed by Eva Cvijanovic/Jeremy Fisher)

Fisher's video for his bicycle-ad-in-waiting "Built to Last" is composed entirely using animated spare bike parts, including a cog homage to Charlie Chaplin. It's cutesy as hell, but innovation and creativity make this one a winner. (Carlick)

9. The Belle Game
(Directed by Kheaven Lewandowski)

This video took approximately five months to complete, but the result is an epic work of cinema that stretches beyond the realm of music videos. A narrative that follows a Japanese rent-boy (the video is also set in the always-scenic Japan) who embarks on a journey, the video serves the song just as much as the song provides the perfect soundtrack to this clip. (Melody Lau)

8. The Belle Game
"Wait Up for You"
(Directed by Kheaven Lewandowski)

The Belle Game's pre-Ritual Tradition Habit video for "Wait Up for You" (again by Kheaven Lewandowski) is a portrait of an extended family as they welcome a new infant into the fold. But not all's as it seems: as one elder sister begins to seem trapped, another sacrifices herself for the good of the first in this unsettling clip. (Stephen Carlick)

7. SonReal
"Everywhere We Go"
(Directed by Peter Huang)

Rapper SonReal truly commits to his character of a nerdy Napoleon Dynamite-esque guy named Steven in his video for "Everywhere We Go," and it definitely pays off. It's a video that has all of the potential to go viral based on its cultural references, fun and lighthearted delivery, not to mention the infectious song. (Melody Lau)

6. Jessy Lanza
"Kathy Lee"
(Directed by Lee Skinner)

A Kevin Bacon-esque dancer slowly grooves his way across Jessy Lanza's native Hamilton as she croons the minimalist "Kathy Lee." It's a perfect example of a simple video treatment done right, and stays engaging until the end. Kudos to director Lee Skinner and 'Jed the dancing guy' both. (Stephen Carlick)