DJ Shadow's "Rocket Fuel" Video Has Astronauts Brawling in Space

Watch the clip for the De La Soul-assisted track now
DJ Shadow's 'Rocket Fuel' Video Has Astronauts Brawling in Space
DJ Shadow's new album Our Pathetic Age arrives tomorrow (February 15), and the producer has rolled out a new video for the De La Soul-assisted single "Rocket Fuel."

Directed by Sam Pilling, the video is something of a spiritual successor to Shadow's clip for "Nobody Speak" (also directed by Pilling), in which stuffy-looking diplomats brawl one another at the UN.

This time around, Pilling has set Shadow's music to "a chaotic re-imagining of man's first steps on the moon." Playing on the conspiracy theory that the entire moon landing was a hoax, the two brave astronauts on the "mission" soon engage in an out-of-this-world wire fighting sequence. 

Our Pathetic Age arrives tomorrow and also features NasPharoahe MonchInspectah DeckGhostface KillahRaekwon and more.