The Cranberries Announce First New Album in a Decade

The Cranberries Announce First New Album in a Decade
Following a nearly ten-year break, Irish rock outfit the Cranberries heading back our way with their next record, Roses. Though the group haven't released a studio album since 2001's Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, and abandoned recording sessions back in 2003 right before going on a hiatus, the group laid down their latest set in a Toronto recording studio without a hitch.

"The whole thing was very lovely," singer Dolores O'Riordan told Billboard. "It really came together really nicely. A lot of the tracks were written without really thinking about it. They just came. I suppose we had more respect for each other and what we were doing. In the latter days, towards 2003, we were just kind of going through the motions a bit. Now we're really happy and really appreciate what we have together."

Roses, which arrives February 14 via Downtown Records/Cooking Vinyl, was recorded by longtime producer Stephen Street (Morrissey, Blur) this past spring at Toronto's Metalworks Studio. O'Riordan, who now lives in Buckhorn, ON with her family, credits the studio whiz for once again bringing the best out of the band.

"Stephen was a really important ingredient since he knows the band really well," she said. "One thing I noticed about having Stephen was he taught me to stop trying. I began to try with my singing, and he was like, 'Relax. Just let it happen.' When you're on tour too much or on stage too much, you feel like you have to deliver and get this super-hyped vibe going. He cooled me down and got me into a place where I was just singing... as opposed to performing, which really helped."

Eleven of the 15 songs the Cranberries recorded show up on Roses, while the rest will pop up as B-sides somewhere down the line. A first single has yet to be selected, but O'Riordan toasts new number "Tomorrow," a missive on adulthood.

"It's about the way we sometimes hyper over-escalate things in our minds, over-think about things... when sometimes spontaneity and just jumping in is better," she explained of the song. "Tomorrow you might not have that moment back again. So it's really about moving on and also about kid of looking at the younger generation and how they worry about all kinds of silly things. They don't think they're silly, but when you're older you know better."

While on leave from the troupe, O'Riordan delivered two solo sets, 2007's Are You Listening? and 2009's No Baggage.


1. "Conduct"

2. "Tomorrow"

3. "Fire & Soul"

4. "Raining In My Heart"

5. "Losing My Mind"

6. "Schizophrenic Playboys"

7. "Waiting In Walthamstow"

8. "Show Me"

9. "Astral Projections"

10. "So Good"

11. "Roses"