Chris Brown to Club Crowd: "Fuck Drake"

Chris Brown to Club Crowd: 'Fuck Drake'
Drake's recent "5AM in Toronto" has been bumpin' hard since it dropped the other day, but not everyone is amped on the Toronto rapper's recent output, as rival Chris Brown recently let his disapproval known to a Hollywood club crowd by shouting out "fuck Drake."

E! News reports that Breezy's rant went down Wednesday night (March 6) at the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood, where, after a DJ cued up Drizzy's other recent tune, "Started from the Bottom," Brown approached the booth and asked to grab the mic. "The DJ can play this shit, but I want you all to know, fuck Drake!" he reportedly said before giving the audience the middle finger.

Brown then proceeded to perform some freestyles, as well as his own tracks "As You Were," "Turn Up the Music" and "Beautiful People," among others.

The feud between the two has been rolling hard since last year's bottle-breaking barroom blow-out in New York. The pair recently sued each other over who should pay the damages in the debacle.

"5AM in Toronto," meanwhile, allegedly throws more fuel in the fire. It's been hinted that the line "A lot of niggas PR stuntin' like that's the movement / And I'm the only nigga still known for the music" is aimed directly at the polarizing, headlines-grabbing Brown.

The Boi-1da-produced track also delivers a cryptic diss toward hangers-on, which may be directed at the Weeknd ("I show love, never get the same out of niggas / Guess it's funny how money can make change out of niggas / For real, some nobody started feeling himself").