Buttechno badtrip

Buttechno badtrip
It would be redundant to say that an experimental electronic music  artist named Buttechno is more clever than he first lets on. With badtrip, Pavel Milyakov offers a postmodern riff on the codes of club music, and every track on the album seems articulated around its own puchline.
Taken at face value, "wb movement" is a pretty immediate techno jam. Yet, without falling into some "it's the notes you don't play" rhetoric, its slinky acid synthesizer weaving itself around the drum machine pattern is a fascinating exploration of how a fluid bass line can recontextualize a static beat.
Elsewhere, there's an impish spirit that betrays the prolific Moscow producer's peculiar sense of humor. For instance, when the relentless groove running through "pkds" finally ends, only to resume an instant later with "tr-919." Or every time "j become" defuses expectations with a dislocated drop, threatening to come undone at every turn, evoking the fragile transitions of a clumsy DJ spinning at a cladestine party.
On badtrip, Buttechno often puts on the mask of a dunce, but after a few attentive listens, it becomes obvious that his four-sided EP is way too meticulously thought out to be the suite of happy accidents it pretends to be. (Trip)