B.o.B "Play the Guitar" (ft. Andre 3000)

B.o.B 'Play the Guitar' (ft. Andre 3000)
Thanks to Lil Wayne's questionable Rebirth, we're a little skeptical about rappers picking up guitars for hip-hop/rock crossovers. Luckily, it's the rap influence that rises to the top on the new B.o.B. single "Play the Guitar," which features a guest spot from OutKast's Andre 3000.

This cut from B.o.B.'s upcoming album Strange Clouds offers punchy beats and turntable scratching plus some background strumming and guitar licks. The real highlight is the rhymes from Andre, who raps about the advantages of playing an instrument while name-checking Church's Chicken and Dunkin' Donuts.

Listen to the song below or buy it from iTunes.