Ben Lee Hey You. Yes You.

"Music 4 the Young and Foolish" is possibly the worst thing Ben Lee has ever committed to disc. On the breezy substandard disco number a Studio 54 DJ would've rejected, Lee sounds like he's literally phoning his vocals in, with a crappy beat looping in the background. It's the hinge of an otherwise terrific pop record, so just train yourself to skip track seven and you'll be fine. Since 1999's Breathing Tornadoes, Lee has been experimenting with electronic influences and on Hey You. Yes You that influence is exceptionally prominent, likely because its producer is Dan the Automator. And meeting Ben Folds has clearly had an effect on the younger Ben — they toured together this year with Ben Kweller as the Bens, though this record was made in 2001 — as Lee pulls out a falsetto that's neither supple nor strong, but at least he uses it sparingly. "No Room to Bleed" and "Chills" are two of the best ballads in the Lee canon (they bookend the horrid "Young and Foolish," actually). Extras for your iPod include "Freediving," a track Lee contributed to Nigo's Ape Sounds back in 2000. It's a moody song ("Happy happy, I'm disgusting/watch out who you put your trust in"), but under it runs a drum loop and repetitive keyboard sample that make it a joy to listen to, a perfect example of the songwriter-DJ Lee looks to be morphing into. (F2)