Ben Frost Joins Forces with Steve Albini for New EP

'Threshold of Faith' is out now
Ben Frost Joins Forces with Steve Albini for New EP
Once again, experimental electronic hero Ben Frost is gifting us with a new release. With no warning, he's released the new Threshold of Faith EP.

The mini-release is already out now digitally, and you can stream it full below. Tomorrow (July 27), it will arrive as a 12-inch via Mute.

The EP features seven tracks, which were all recorded during a two-week live session in Chicago with famed sound sculptor Steve Albini.

Here's how a press release describes the sessions:

In the summer of 2016 Ben Frost landed in Chicago to work with Steve Albini. Over two weeks — vast systems; unstable, overloaded, and on the verge of collapse — were fed into an array of amplifiers inside a cavernous studio. Shapes were formed, speakers were torn. Behind the glass Albini committed live performances to tape; slashing at them intermittently with a razorblade. More than 2 hours of music was recorded.

You can hear the end results for yourself below. As you'll notice, the Apple Music player calls this "EP 1," implying more releases may be coming soon from the sessions — something that's also hinted at in the press release.

Threshold of Faith follows last year's The Wasp Factory release and Frost's last proper full-length, 2014's A U R O R A.