Ben Frost Gets Steve Albini for New Album 'The Centre Cannot Hold'

Get a taste of the LP with a video for "Threshold of Faith"
Ben Frost Gets Steve Albini for New Album 'The Centre Cannot Hold'
Just the other week, Ben Frost gave us the Threshold of Faith EP, hinting that more new material was on the way. Making good on that teasing, the electronic experimenter has now announced an entire new album.

Titled The Centre Cannot Hold, Frost's new album — his fifth — will arrive on September 29 via Mute.

Like Threshold of Faith, the LP was recorded with famed sound documentarian Steve Albini in Chicago, with a press release saying it's "an exercise in limitation and chromatic saturation."

It adds, "The music exists not in space, but in a space; it is a document of an event, of a room, and of the composer within it. It is music that is not fully controlled and appears to be anxiously, often violently competing against its creator."  

Along with the new album announcement, you can check out a video for album opener "Threshold of Faith." It was shot in the winter of 2016 in Reykjavík, Iceland, with conceptual documentary photographer Richard Mosse and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten

You can watch the video below, where you'll also find the new album's tracklist. That's is strikingly minimalist album art above.

The Centre Cannot Hold:

1. Threshold Of Faith
2. A Sharp Blow In Passing
3. Trauma Theory
4. A Single Hellfire Missile Costs $100,000
5. Eurydice's Heel
6. Meg Ryan Eyez
7. Ionia
8. Healthcare
9. All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated
10. Entropy In Blue