Band of Rascals Rifftop Tent Stage, Victoria BC, September 17

Band of Rascals Rifftop Tent Stage, Victoria BC, September 17
Photo: Lindsey Blane
Band of Rascals are literally that; "nuts and bolts rock and roll" is their self-described genre. In their better moments, which strongly evoked the Allman Brothers, their ear-piercing blend of various rock'n'roll influences was boisterous and bold, carrying the crowd up on screaming guitar solos, heavy drums and soaring vocals. It was quite a good time, even if the sound was a little muddled. Whatever. It's rock and roll, after all.
For Rascals though, they were tight and seemed very comfortable all together, exuding a definite chemistry, ease and a kind of brotherhood from evidently playing together for some time. They certainly didn't take themselves too seriously, which was welcome after some of the other indie bands of the day. Long hair flying and high-fiving each other, it was nice to see them enjoying themselves.
The crowd connected with their energy, and danced with glee to one hard-hitting song after another. Though not altogether different from what could be seen on a good blues night at any trusted major city dive bar, as far as the programming went for the afternoon, Band of Rascals provided a good, down-to-earth option.