Alaskan Tapes Views From Sixteen Stories

Alaskan Tapes Views From Sixteen Stories
As Alaskan Tapes, Brady Kendall crafts pieces that accommodate all types of listeners: the casual, the serious, and even the sleepy, as Kendall told Exclaim! in a recent interview. His latest release, Views From Sixteen Stories, is a collection of drone and melodic ambient pieces that soothes and settles all listeners.
The muted tones of Kendall's soundscapes make Views From Sixteen Stories a great soundtrack for reading, studying or a mindful moment. The simple and repetitive cello melody, played by Raphael Weinroth-Browne, on "And Yet They Float" methodically pulls out whatever worries you have, and the drone's low murmur on the sprawling "Another Song to Stop the Spinning," feels like a weighted blanket on top of your busy mind.
Each track on Views From Sixteen Stories is built by weaving together varying sonic textures which, for the close listener, makes for continual intrigue. "The Times Are Tired" blossoms gracefully from a lone guitar melody to a full-band track, complete with drums (by Dennis Patterson) and cello, while the title track has a similar fullness about it and is beautifully punctuated by Jay Austin's French horn.
But Kendall's most stunning curation of sounds is in "Still (feat. Voga)." This quick track is anchored by a soft piano melody, written and performed by Owen Vaga, and is surrounded by the warm creaks of a wooden floor. Or perhaps it's the creaking of a wooden chair. In any case, the creaking noises tuck into the dancing piano and accompanying French horn melodies superbly and foster an immersive and homey atmosphere.
However you listen, Views From Sixteen Stories is a rewarding experience. (Independent)