Sharon Van Etten Shares New Song "Staring at a Mountain"

The track is featured in her upcoming feature film debut, Eliza Hittman's 'Never Rarely Sometimes Always'
Sharon Van Etten Shares New Song 'Staring at a Mountain'
Ahead of the release of Eliza Hittman's Never Rarely Sometimes Always, Sharon Van Etten has shared a new track from the film's soundtrack titled "Staring at a Mountain."

Aside from assisting the soundtrack, Van Etten is also making her feature film acting debut for the movie, playing the mother of a teenage girl who travels from rural Pennsylvania to New York City "to seek out medical help after an unintended pregnancy." Hittman's film hits theatres this Friday (March 13).

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Van Etten spoke about writing the song for the film's soundtrack.

I remember the first time I saw the film in its entirety. Those credits started rolling. With no music there, you're like, is this expository? Not really. Is it mourning? Not necessarily. Is her life going to change? We don't know. To create a vibe that doesn't push anybody in any of those [directions] was definitely a challenge. I talked it through with Eliza. She's like, "You don't want it to be too hopeful." [Laughs] It's a mixed bag. Letting them sit with that energy themselves and deciding how they feel. I got off the phone with Eliza and was sitting at my piano. I literally have a mountain in my backyard; we call it our bluff. I'd just moved to California this past fall, and it was a little isolating at first — a big change from New York. So I'll just sit at the piano and stare, trying to feel feelings. [Laughs] I literally just thought of Sidney on that bus, driving home, and I was thinking about where she's going. Feeling misunderstood. I wanted to give a little bit of light in the song, too.

Van Etten's latest record was last year's Remind Me Tomorrow, which made Exclaim!'s 20 Best Pop and Rock Albums of 2019. Last month, she shared a video for her new single "Beaten Down." Her most recent acting foray was for Netflix's now-cancelled series The OA.

Listen to "Staring at a Mountain" below, where you can also find the film's trailer, which also features Van Etten's "Seventeen."