John Legend Says His New Album Is Perfect for Making "Coronababies"

He says it's his "sexiest" record to date
John Legend Says His New Album Is Perfect for Making 'Coronababies'
Appearing on The Tonight Show: At Home Edition last night (March 24), John Legend spoke with Jimmy Fallon about living in isolation with Chrissy Teigen, working with the Feeding America charity during the coronavirus crisis, performing on recent Instagram live concerts and working on his upcoming album.

Legend's next record — an album that is still very much shrouded in secrecy — is almost finished, and according to the artist, it will be his sexiest album to date. Moreover, he said it will be perfect for making "coronababies."

"The new album is coming, we're mixing it, we're getting our strings finished," Legend told Fallon. "I'm not sure how we'll execute our string recording, I don't know how we'll distance our way into an orchestra recording. We'll figure that out, maybe we'll have to do a few players at a time and overdub it."

He continued: "It's actually probably my sexiest album to date. If you're stuck at home and want to make some coronababies… if you spend a lot of time with your partner and you need a soundtrack to that — this could be it."

All jokes aside, Legend does recognize the gravity of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and made time during his chat with Fallon to encourage viewers to stay strong in the face of physical distancing.

"There's a lot of dark sides to this moment [in history], but the fact that these can be some of the silver linings that we have, it makes it feel like we're experiencing it together, even though we're distancing from each other," he said. "We're helping each other get through it.

Legend also performed a new single titled "Action" for the show.

Watch the clip below.