Xibalba Announce 'Tierra Y Libertad' LP

Xibalba Announce 'Tierra Y Libertad' LP
California titans Xibalba have amassed a huge following thanks to the meaty metalcore on 2011's Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias and 2012's follow-up Hasta La Muerta. The group took a two-year break from recording to hit the road hard, but they've just announced plans to return with their third full-length platter.

Xibalba's next album is called Tierra Y Libertad and was recorded with Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues), who also helmed their last LP. In keeping with that theme, the group once again tapped visual artist Dan Seagrave to create the album's intense cover art, which you can see above.

While we don't have any audio samples to share just yet, a press release promises that Tierra Y Libertad sees Xibalba "in their most threatening form yet, forcibly colliding elite '90s death metal with reckless down-tuned doom tones and their most fist-swinging beatdowns yet."

But what about the breakdowns, you may ask. Well, Xibalba have paid special attention to those, and the write-up adds that the Xibalba breakdown has been "refined over the course of their career and re-envisioned as a new terrifying beast, creating a nefarious intensity on Tierra Y Libertad usually only reserved for majestic black metal, transcendental doom and post-metal, but here hewn from furious violence."

Southern Lord will issue Tierra Y Libertad on January 26. The album's tracklisting is available below.

Tierra Y Libertad:

1. Enemigo
2. Guerrilla
3. Invierno
4. Pausa
5. En Paz Descanse
6. Tierra Y Libertad
7. Si Dios Quiere
8. El Vaci´o