Harrison "How Can it Be" (video)

Harrison 'How Can it Be' (video)
Geez, this one may well have you rifling off a few sad cat emojis to your friends. Harrison is looking at break-ups in the most rhythmically text-heavy way possible in the new video for his Colors cut "How Can it Be." So, feel like watching a guy get dumped?

The innovative clip presents an in-the-moment text conversation between "Matt" and "Katy," who seemingly aren't on the same page anymore. Timed brilliantly to the throb of Harrison's synths is a back-and-forth that has one party ("Matt") trying to figure out a hiccup, while the other ("Katy") tries to spell it out that things are over.

Impressively, a screen swipe shows that there's another guy waiting in the wings, while the all-too-familiar, anticipatory three dots are employed in between guest vocalist Maddee's melancholy coos.

You'll discover the death of a relationship, but perhaps the birth of another, via the modern-day drama down below .